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Pros and Cons of Abortion – Everything You Need to Know

There are two sides to every situation. Even abortion. Let’s investigate the pros and cons of abortion. The first thing is to make informed decisions about healthcare issues. Unexpected situations can make this process challenging. One such situation is an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy, which can raise various questions for a woman based on her current circumstances. She has several choices to consider, including adoption, parenting, and abortion. 

The ultimate decision lies with the mother, as she will be the one giving birth to the baby. If she is not prepared to bring the baby into the world, she may contemplate getting abortion pills, which is the termination of pregnancy involving the removal or expulsion of the embryo or fetus before it can survive outside the uterus.

During this decision-making process, some women may seek advice from a healthcare provider, while others may feel more comfortable talking to a family member or friend about the arguments for abortion. Whomever they choose to confide in, it is essential that they do not feel pressured into making a decision that does not align with their own feelings and beliefs.

In this article, we will take deep dive into the pros and cons of abortion.

What are the Pros of Abortion?

pros of abortion

Research indicates that approximately 7% of all abortions are performed due to instances of rape, incest, or medical conditions. In cases of sexual assault, women may not have the time to cope with the traumatic incident, and discovering a pregnancy later can add further complexity. The Supreme Court of the US recognizes a woman’s right to make decisions regarding her body, and these specific situations should be considered carefully before making any unjust accusations.

Unwanted pregnancies resulting from unprotected sex or contraceptive failure can be distressing for both partners. If a woman finds herself facing an unplanned pregnancy and is not ready for parenthood, she retains the right to choose abortion, instead of thinking about the pros and cons of abortion. Providing a nurturing environment for a child is crucial for their development, and if a woman feels unprepared for parenting, it may be better to opt for abortion.

It is important to recognize that abortion involves the termination of a pregnancy and not an independent human being. Biologically, the fetus is dependent on the mother’s body for survival. Moreover, the US Census considers a person’s age from the date of birth, not from the moment of conception. Also, there lies surgical vs medical abortion pros and cons based on the women’s choice.

Legal and professionally performed abortions reduce the incidence of death resulting from unsafe and illegal procedures. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that around 68,000 deaths occur each year due to unsafe abortions. Opting for safe and legal procedures helps prevent such tragic outcomes.

Protecting the health of the mother is paramount. Pregnancy can pose significant risks to a woman’s health and life. Studies show that the risk of maternal death during childbirth is around 8.8 in 100,000, whereas during an abortion, it is only 0.6 in 100,000. It is important to debunk myths that suggest abortion affects future pregnancies adversely and know certain pros for abortion.

  • Financial considerations also play a role in a woman’s decision-making process. Some women may choose abortion when they struggle to meet their financial needs and lack the resources to raise a child. In fact, approximately 42% of total abortions are performed among women below the federal poverty level. 
  • For women facing fetuses with abnormalities that could result in death during or shortly after birth, the decision to have an abortion can be emotionally challenging.  
  • Raising a child with cognitive or physical disabilities requires additional care, attention, and financial support, and some parents may find this situation overwhelming. Abortion grants the right to avoid bringing fetuses with severe abnormalities into the world. 
  • Abortion should not be considered a form of contraception, but an increasing number of abortions (with some women undergoing multiple abortions) indicates that it is being used as such.  
  • Legalizing abortion has seen a decrease in births and a rise in contraceptive usage, suggesting that some women may be relying on abortion instead of appropriate contraceptive methods.

Ultimately, a woman has the right to make decisions about her own body. Having full control over her body empowers her to determine her future, irrespective of the internal developments in the fetus.

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What are the Cons of Abortion?

cons of abortion

Now let us take a look at the flip side of the coin. The possible cons of abortion. During the abortion procedure, the mother may be sedated, but the fetus is not, leading to potential pain for the fetus, especially in second-trimester or early third-trimester abortions. 

Studies suggest that a fetus can begin to respond to pain after 8 weeks of conception. Dr. Bernard Nathanson, a former abortion provider, experienced a change of heart after seeing ultrasound images of abortion, witnessing the fetus appear to recoil from abortion tools, indicating potential pain perception.

From ethical and moral perspectives, abortion can be considered wrong and equated with murder, based on interpretations of divine law and religious texts. Some legislative acts, like the federal Unborn Victims of Violence Act, recognize an unborn child as a member of the species Homosapiens and penalize those who cause harm to the fetus.

Research indicates a potential link between abortion and psychological disorders, particularly in young women, including anxiety and depression. Additionally, a significant percentage of men (approximately 52%) report regret after participating in abortions, leading to potential emotional distress and depression. 

Eugenic termination or selective abortion based on genetic disabilities in the baby raises ethical concerns, promoting discrimination against disabled individuals. A considerable percentage of pregnancies are terminated after the diagnosis of Down Syndrome, perpetuating the notion that disabled individuals are somehow less valued in society. The National Down Syndrome Society emphasizes that people with Down Syndrome are valued members of the community and can contribute significantly.

While adults are responsible for their actions, unintended pregnancies can still occur even with contraceptive use. However, it is argued that the innocent child should not bear the consequences of an adult’s mistakes, and abortion through Preg Remove Kit can be a viable option for women who are not ready to raise a child. The abortion pros and cons are right in their own places. However, precaution is better than prevention, so instead of aborting the child, use contraceptive measures. Look here for more pro-choice arguments for abortion.

  • Certain abortion procedures, such as saline abortion, can be devastating and life-threatening for the mother. 
  • These procedures, where a saline solution is injected to poison the fetus and then deliver a deceased baby within 24 hours, have been banned in some countries due to their risks and ethical concerns.
  • If you are looking for abortion pills then Mifebax and MPT kit are the most reliable pills you can buy from generic shops in the market. 

abortion pills-MTP Kit


All in all, abortion is a highly sensitive topic but in the end, women should decide what she really wants. The abortion or removal of an embryo does not mean termination or killing as no birth took place. It is important to note that it is a highly personal choice. Consider all plus and minus of the situation and arguments for abortion. Carefully go through all the arguments whether they are pro-choice arguments or against choice. If you want to keep the embryo and let it grow then it’s completely fine. But if you don’t want to keep it and then there are many safe methods instead of looking at the pros and cons of abortion. These are surgical and pregnancy preventive pills. You can go with any method according to your convenience. The surgical method is straightforward, the embryo will be removed.