Is It Normal to Not Get Morning Wood
Why Does a Man Get Erect in the Morning?

Some healthy men frequently worry about obtaining morning erections. However, it is a usual circumstance and there is no harm. Although, many men get confused about getting a morning erection. Enduring morning wood called as – nocturnal penile tumescence is a good sign of a normally functioning penis. Generally, men assume that an erection first thing in the morning is caused by any kind of sexual stimulus. Nevertheless, there could be various reasons to get morning wood.

Sexuality is more than just physical genital stimulation. Our brains play a key role in sexuality, and morning erection is most often triggered by seeing, feeling, or thinking about something or someone that is sexually exciting, which is known as arousal it then sends the signal to the penis.

What is Male Morning Erection?

Morning erection or as you say boner you roll out of bed with is very much a good thing. Morning erection can tell physiological phenomena, it can also tell us a lot about sexual function among men. Morning erection affects all men at growing ages, even those who are in their 70s.

From time to time, you may wake up with an erect penis, or in medical terms, it is called Nocturnal Penile Tumescence. This is a very usual circumstance and occurs frequently in the case of young men and boys.

What Causes Morning Wood?

Many men often search on google: “morning wood meaning”. We never talk about these situations in day-to-day life. Well, morning wood is definitely a healthy thing.

There are several precise causes of getting morning wood:

  • Testosterone levels influence many elements of sexual desire and functioning, including your overall degree of sex interest. The amount of testosterone in a man’s body in the morning is far greater than at any other time in the day. This growth of testosterone is also one of the primary reasons for morning erection.
  • When men are in the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of sleep, their eyes move rapidly, darting back and forth under their closed lids, as their heart rate and blood pressure increase to levels close to what you experience when they are awake.

man get erect in the morning

  • It is believed that at this time the brain shuts down a particular pathway to prevent a person from acting out their dreams. A man can experience more than one-morning wood while sleeping at night though you might only notice the one erection you get in the morning after waking up.
  • Scientists also believe that night-time or morning erection is the body’s way of the penis. When a man has an erection, the erectile tissue of his penis (also known as the corpora cavernosa) swells, allowing oxygen to enter the tissue.
  • It also helps prevent conditions like cavernous fibrosis (formation of thick fibers within the tissue) that can eventually lead to erectile dysfunction.

Is It Normal to Not Get Morning Wood?

Since morning erection could be a pretty big indicator of one’s overall sexual health. We know about men getting morning wood and – why do they get it?  What causes it? But what about men with no morning wood? What about the man who can’t even remember the last time he woke up with a blaring tent pole and had to awkwardly pace around the apartment? Well, there are some reasons, which might turn this normality into erectile dysfunction. Though, people have a choice to prevent erectile abnormality by medications which can help in preventing erectile dysfunction.

Now, erections don’t always occur during rapid eye movement of sleep cycles, as you might simply fall into a wink of sleep right before your raging REM erection in the process. If you wake up with no morning erection there might be nothing to worry about. You could or could not be hard all night long, and the stage at which your sleep has ceased will determine whether you have an erection in the morning or not.

Furthermore, reduced blood flow can cause your arteries to narrow and minimizes the supply of oxygen-rich blood to the tissue of vital organs in the body- which is called Atherosclerosis is a common condition that develops when plaque builds up, which then leads to angina. If a plaque bursts there could be blockages, either complete or incomplete, which can cause complications including erectile dysfunction.

On the other hand, in some cases, men are going through erectile dysfunction still waking up with a full stiff boner. In these cases, men usually think that they should wake up with no morning wood, though they experience morning erection. Hence, this means that their erectile dysfunction is more psychological in nature because of the balance between their mental and physical condition.

When you are not sleeping well or taking any anti-depressant medication there’s the possibility of hormone imbalance, most importantly a testosterone deficiency. In these circumstances, it is normal to get no morning erection but you should contact your doctor about your concern at the earliest.

In addition to that, erectile dysfunction may occur due to negative health circumstances caused mostly by obesity- such as High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol Levels, and Diabetes might cause no morning wood. Also, men who smoke have ripped chances of getting erectile dysfunction or no morning wood.

While some men think that refraining from masturbation for a while can cause no morning wood. However, this is a false assumption. Abstaining from masturbation normally should not have any effect on morning erection. In fact, studies say that occasional masturbation may actually be beneficial in the maintenance of blood vessels in the penis.

The more biological reason for no morning erection or morning wood is you have too many rings on your trunk, which means you are merely getting older. When men turn a certain age of 40s or 50s their naturally occurring levels of hormones decrease and later on cause no morning erection.

Morning Erectile Dysfunction

Treatment for Morning Erectile Dysfunction

For most men waking up with a morning erection could be a medical concern. Where they have many questions to ask specialists/doctors but sometimes they ignore the idea of consulting.

Doing a physical exam and going through your medical history is enough for a doctor or expert to diagnose erectile dysfunction and make suggestions or prescribe for your treatment. If in case your doctor suspects any underlying condition you might need further tests or consultation with a specialist.

Basic treatments or tests for the underlying condition can include:

  • A Blood test can show if you have any heart disease, diabetes, low testosterone levels, or other health circumstances.
  • Urine tests are used to look for signs of diabetes and other condition.
  • An ultrasound is a specifically trained technician who will use wand-like equipment over blood vessels that pass the penis to analyze blood flow issues.
  • By doing a physical exam your doctor will examine your penis and testicles for signs of abnormalities and will test sensation.
  • A physiological exam will indicate your doctor wants to evaluate you for depression or other mental disorders that may cause erectile dysfunction.

To sum up, people should be equipped with knowledge regarding their sexual health and the well-being of individuals. Waking up with a morning erection is totally healthy and if you are not then there could be several reasons for that and you might need to consult your doctor or could go under required tests.